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Bamboo Reusable Face Pad

Bamboo Reusable Face Pad

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A reusable face pad that offers you a sustainable and comforting way to cleanse your skin.

The Bamboo Reusable Face Pad removes grime and makeup effortlessly, so you can say goodbye to makeup wipes. Reusable up to 200 times and made from cushioned bamboo, a greener alternative to organic cotton.


How to use

Ultra-absorbent and comfortable fibres hold onto your cleansing balm or gel, dispersing it evenly over your face and neck for the ultimate cleanse.

Rinse under warm water with a little soap and leave out to air dry to reuse daily.

You'll do your part for the environment with more sustainable skincare habits.


Save on product with the ultimate lather

The fibres in our Bamboo Face Pad encourages product to activate, meaning a little bit of your product of choice goes a long way. Poko's Purifyin Gel Cleanser works particularly well with this pad where we find a minimal amount of product can be used.

Eco-friendly, antibacterial, and simple

Bamboo is an excellent alternative to organic cotton, as bamboo is far easier (and more eco-friendly) to grow. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial too, due to the lignin in its cell walls. This makes it the perfect cleansing pad!

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