About us

Fairbeauty is not just another eshop. We are deternmined to change how people perceive beauty.

Having realised how hard it is to find cruelty-free beauty brands in one place, we decided to give easy access to everyone, hoping that this distinction will finally stop existing.



We dream of a world where companies don't put profits over ethics. A world that is fair.

Our ultimate goal is to create the largest cruelty-free beauty community in Greece and abroad, hoping that one day this separation will not exist.


FAIRBEAUTY was created with one purpose: To make cruelty-free beauty market easily accessible around the world.

For that reason, we choose to work with, showcase and promote brands that are against animal testing and officially certified.

  • Leading by example

    Always leading by example, we want to inspire other companies for positive change.

  • Force for good

    According to Dalai Lama, a force for good is an act inspired by a genuine concern for other. Throught our business activity, we make sure to give back to society. Our packaging is recyclable and contains at least 60% recycled materials, we donate a percentage of our profit to animal welfare organisations and we participate in voluntary actions.

  • Genderless beauty

    The ideology that taking care of your skin is a women's concern belongs to the past. At Fairbeauty, we believe that beauty products shouldn't be gender-specific. Besides, the fundamentals of skincare routines are the same for men and women and everyone else.

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